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A Heartwarming Thankyou

A Heartwarming Thankyou

Listed in Charity | Posted 03/09/2015 16:38

Remember back in April when we told you about our Easter Eggstravaganza Fundraiser to help Dr Kershaw's &  the Princess Tehyah Fund? If not let us refresh you - Princess Teyah is the exceptionally brave little girl who has fought for her life against all odds, after suffering multiple strokes which left her severely brain damaged. She went through a 10 hour lifesaving brain surgery, after which she unfortunately suffered some complications and was put into intensive care and an induced coma.

Doctors said that she would have no quality of life, but, against all odds she has defied that statement. On 21st July 2014, Princess celebrated her 4th Birthday! However, she needs round the clock care, and she is growing up in desperate need of suitable mobility equipment. 

We are thrilled to have received a lovely thanks from Princess Teyah & her family regarding the Easter Eggstravaganza Fundraiser, which aided in raising £4565 for The Princess Teyah Fund. She is a spectacular little girl and we are more than happy to support her cause! If you would like to help Teyah and her family in giving her the best comfort of life possible, please pledge your support at GoFundMe.