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Creating The Perfect Living Room Design

Creating The Perfect Living Room Design

Listed in General | Posted 03/08/2017 10:28

Decorating a living room takes more than picking a colour of paint and spreading the furniture around the walls. To get the most out of the space you have, you need to incorporate storage, consider feature walls, add throw rugs and accessories, and create a focal point and conversation areas. You also need to consider the traffic flow around the room and make sure that you meet the practical needs of those that use the room. Before you start, consider how you use the living room, how many people you need to seat, and the kind of storage that you require. You should also set a budget, because you will be able to use this to determine whether you can afford a total refurbishment, or whether your budget restricts you to a few simple changes.

Start out by measuring the room you are redecorating. Draw a sketch using these dimensions, and include windows, doors, alcoves, and chimney breasts. It is also a good idea to mark where your plug sockets, TV aerial and other important points are in the room. When including door positions, add the door as though it’s open. This way you can ensure that you will be able to see around the door, and that the door won’t hit any chairs or tables that are behind it.

Once you have a floor plan, you can start deciding on the items that you want. Ensure that you will have enough seating for everybody that uses the room. Incorporate any storage you need, and don’t forget the TV and other devices when planning. Use some intelligent design tips to make the most of all the space that you have.


The sofa is a multi-purpose piece of furniture, can make a great focal point, and can be used to fill room. Rather than the basic choice of a two- or three-seater, there are many other options in the modern market. A large sofa can be used for putting your feet up or to provide seating for 2 or 3 people. There are many options when it comes to buying a sofa.

Always make sure you have the room before buying a corner sofa or a large sofa, and choose those designs that match the design of the room.

·         Corner Sofa – A corner sofa has a chaise corner, provides the most seating and offers optimal use of the space that you have available. Corner sofas do need a lot of room, but buying one means that you may be able to have fewer seats. Choose between leather and fabric, buy seats and sofas individually, and consider modular corner sofas that you can use to build a beautifully designed living room.

·         Recliner Sofa – The recliner sofa is a luxurious and comfortable seating option. As well as providing enough seat space for three people, these sofas have reclining seat sections as well as footrests. Most 3 seater options have a static centre seat and reclining end seats, but you can also buy two seater chairs and you can buy recliner sets that include recliner chairs and sofas.

·         Chaise Longue – The chaise longue, sometimes also called a chaise lounge, is an upholstered chair. It has a seating section that is long enough so that you can recline in the seat with your feet up. A typical chaise longue has a tapered back design and a traditional, luxurious look.

The sofa is a focal point in the living room. It needs to be comfortable as well as attractive, but with TLH Auctioneers this doesn’t mean you have to blow the whole of your budget on a three-seater. View our furniture auctions for the best deals on sofas and other items.


You can buy living room chairs that match your sofa, or you can buy a set that includes sofa and chairs. You can buy additional chairs that add to the design and style of the room. Occasional chairs are ideal for those that have limited seating or for those that entertain and need occasion seating. You can choose from a variety of styles and designs to create the look that you really want.

·         Chair And A Half – A chair and a half is, as the name suggests, the size of one and a half chairs. It is smaller than a sofa, but bigger than a standard lounge chair. This style of living room chair comes in many different styles and designs. There are contemporary and traditional designs of this chair, and they are useful if you don’t have room for a second sofa.

·         Wing Chair – Wing chairs are a traditional looking chair, but there are contemporary styles and designs also available. Wing chairs tend to be leather, and they also often include the buttoned design that a lot of buyers look for.

·         Occasional Chairs – Occasional chairs are not usually designed for lounging. They are a convenient seating option, used when the sofa and main chairs do not provide enough room. Occasional chairs can also help to create zones in your living room, which is especially beneficial if you are looking for accent pieces and large living room design ideas.


Tables have a prominent position in the living room. They are functional, can form a massive part of the design of the room, and the huge range of tables available means that you can create a unique finish for your room while making sure that you have somewhere to put drinks and store the TV and other devices.

Tables need to be functional and attractive. Choose from end tables, coffee tables, sofa tables…

·         End Tables – End tables are placed at the end of chairs or sofas. They can be used to place lamps or to display ornaments. They can be used to hold drinks and with nesting tables you can enjoy even greater functionality from your tables.

·         Coffee Tables – Coffee tables usually sit in front of the sofa or chair. They are used to hold drinks, but are also a convenient place to put anything that you need to hand. Designs range from classic to contemporary and materials from wood to metal. You can buy table sets that include end tables and a coffee table or buy a centre piece coffee table as a focal point.

·         Accent Table – An accent table is chosen for its design, although they do still serve a purpose because they are useful for holding drinks or for displaying ornaments. Accent tables do come in many shapes, sizes, styles, and designs.

·         Benches – Benches can be multi-purpose furniture items. They can incorporate drawers, storage cupboards, and other functional elements. Benches are typically made from wood, may be covered in leather or fabric, and as well as being ideal for use under windows they can be used in any area of the property.


Choosing the right flooring is critical to creating an enjoyable and functional living room environment. It is a room that serves many purposes. The kids use it for playing, adults use it for kicking back and relaxing, and when you entertain, it is usually the living room where they gather. The flooring needs to match the many demands of the living room. There is a range of options from solid, hardwood flooring to laminate or carpeted floors. You can also incorporate area rugs to further enhance the look and the comfort of the floor.

·         Carpet – The most luxurious feeling of floor coverings. You can curl and bury your toes in the fabric, it will provide a warm base at any time of the year and, as well as plain and single colours, you can buy patterned and bold coloured carpets. Hard wearing carpets can cope with a large level of footfall, making them ideal for the living room, which will have to deal with a lot of people passing through. Plush and comfortable carpets are also ideal if the kids choose to play on the floor.

·         Laminate – Laminate flooring is inexpensive and has come a long way, in terms of design, since it was first introduced. While it may not be as luxurious or long-lasting as genuine hardwood flooring, it is easier to lay and it costs a lot less. It will withstand children and pets, because modern laminate flooring is scratch resistant. It is easy to clean, with pet hairs and dirt being swept or hoovered up with minimal effort.

·         Hardwood – Hardwood is expensive, but it also offers stunning looks and can last for many years. Genuine hardwood does require treatment and it will need to be properly maintained if you want to enjoy great quality flooring for a long time.

Small Living Room Design Ideas

A small living room can feel constricting, leaving you with the feeling that you don’t have a lot of space. With careful planning, and ensuring that you decorate with the right items, the right colours, and the right styles, you can enhance the feeling of space.

Lighter colours give a feeling of space; ideal for small living rooms. Dark wood and dark colour makes the walls feel closer, which makes you feel closed in as though the room is even smaller than it is. Using lighter colours doesn’t mean that you should stick to neutral whites and creams right through the whole room. Add some yellows or light oranges to create a warm and welcoming environment.

Use vertical design to help make the most of the available space you do have. Storage can be placed above floor level, or you can use floor to ceiling furniture items that are both convenient and functional. By grabbing peoples’ attention and forcing them to look above floor level, you can also give the impression that your room is bigger than it is.

Create the illusion of space by using vertical design and some smaller items of furniture.

You can enjoy a similar illusion by using smaller furniture items. Choose chairs with no arms or small arms. Ensure that your coffee table doesn’t dominate the living room. You shouldn’t fill the room with small furniture, or this can give your room a disjointed look. You also need to make sure that the furniture you choose is still comfortable and practical, even if it is smaller. Alternatively, you can use portable items of furniture and occasional furniture. These items can be moved when they’re not being used, so you can move them in and out of the room when needed or not needed.

Multifunctional furniture is another good option for small living room designs. Be innovative with your designs. Use a wicker storage crate as a coffee table or end table. This gives you storage as well as somewhere to place drinks, magazines, and other items.

TLH Auctioneers has a regularly updated stock of living room items and furniture, including pieces that are perfect for turning your small living room into a living room that is filled with character.

Large Living Room Interior Design

Designing a large living room can prove as challenging as a small living room. There are tips and  design ideas that you can implement to help create a comfortable and cosy space. The right statement pieces, the proper colours, and decent lighting all combine to create a unique and enjoyable living room.

Create zones in your living room so that you have a conversational area, somewhere for working, and even a game table or TV section. By introducing these separate zones, it enables you to create smaller living areas that are comfortable and functional. Zoning your room also enables you to select the right furniture for all situations.

Using too many small pieces of furniture means that the room will look cluttered and awkward. Larger pieces like large coffee tables or even a large piece of art can help to anchor the room. These statement pieces give the eye somewhere to focus, and with an effective focal point and doing so also means that it takes less effort to furnish the whole room. Small furniture in a large room also looks out of scale, so the furniture items will look even smaller and difficult.

A single, central light will create dark pockets in a large room. It can appear moody and, while some low light may be considered ambient, too much dark space makes a room uninviting. Consider adding wall lights, or additional floor lamps, to eliminate shadows and to create uniform lighting levels around the whole room.

A common mistake a lot of people make when designing a large room, especially for the first time, is to place all the furniture along the walls of the room. Pull seating away from the walls and concentrate on focal points like the fire or the TV by placing seating and other furniture elements around these items. It will cut out some of the huge expanses of space that would otherwise emerge.

The primary point when decorating a large living room should be to go big and be bold. Use Large picture frames and big pieces of wall art. Consider large tables and use bright colours. Not only do large living rooms provide the opportunity to be bold, but they benefit from it too.

Living Room Ideas On A Budget

You don’t have to have a huge budget in order to create a stunning living room. Making a few relatively simple changes can have a big impact on design. First of all, consider whether you really need a full redesign or whether you can get away with making a few changes or introducing one or two statement pieces that completely change the look of the room.

Before embarking on a huge buying spree, take a look at what you already have. Rearranging the furniture can give the room a fresh new look, and it doesn’t cost a penny. Using furniture that’s no longer needed in other rooms can help change the style and even help you to create new zones in one of the most important rooms of your house.

Fresh paint can also brighten up a tired looking room, and it isn’t just useful for the walls and ceiling. Paint some of your older pieces of furniture to create a brand new look, and to prevent you from having to throw away items that are otherwise perfectly sound.

Be original and add unique pieces of furniture and unusual pieces of art. By adding items that represent you and your character, you not only personalise a room but you update and improve it. The same is true of cushions and other accessories. Be as bold as you like; this is your living room, after all, so you only need to worry about whether you like the design. A few cushions won’t break the bank, and by using bold colours you can completely change the look of the room.

Living Room Design Ideas From TLH Auctioneers

The living room is one of the most important rooms in a house, where you will spend a lot of time relaxing. It is used for entertaining, and it is the one room where a few small changes can make a difference. Alternatively, you can go all out and completely refurbish and alter the living room layout and make the most of every inch of space that you have.

At TLH Auctioneers we regularly update our living room furniture and household furniture stock with new items. You can find items directly from John Lewis, as well as designer labels that are perfect to help you create the living space that you really want in your home.