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Six weeks and counting... Get your Christmas bargains now!

Six weeks and counting... Get your Christmas bargains now!

Listed in General | Posted 15/11/2018 09:55

Under the hammer at TLH this and future weeks you will find all your Christmas needs are being fulfilled, trees decorations and a splendid varied selection of options for gifts to give even the most difficult of your friends and family. Seriously who would not want a star shaped Lantern as their office Secret Santa gift, I’ve had worse, it might end up being the kind of surprise gift that you end up wanting to keep for yourself.


A good selection of long lasting trees available, only made better by the fact you won’t have annoying tree needles all over your house during this holiday period (lots 475-637), and sitting underneath your Christmas tree you can even have that bike poor little Tiny Tim could only dream of.


Scrooge has left the building!! Come and bid on the varied lots, let’s not forget you can dress to the nines in your Ted Baker blazer or Bruce Oldfield dress at your office Christmas party. And when the weather makes you feel a bit nippy you can always get one of our many Parkers.