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TLH Rally Support for Ronald McDonald House Alder Hey

TLH Rally Support for Ronald McDonald House Alder Hey

Listed in Charity | Posted 29/03/2015 16:24

TLH Auctioneers are proud to support & promote local charities and this time we would like to lend our support to the back to the 80s Rally, supporting Ronald McDonald House Alder Hey.

The event is being organised by Tony Rollins who’s has benefited from the help of this charity when their son was born in 2013 and needed open heart surgery. Thankfully the operation was a success.

“During our time at the hospital we were fortunate enough to be given a room on site at the hospital at Ronald McDonald House so we were near our son – this was priceless.” – says Tony.

“This is offered free of charge to families as it is a charity. I fortunately could afford to pay for our time there but many people simply cannot and this is why the charity exists and why we are undertaking the rally to Germany for this cause. When your child is critically ill the ability to be near them is priceless. Priceless.”

The Rally will begin in Rochdale and run across Germany and back. more information can be found here on the website BackToThe80s.

There will also be a black tie dinner in May in aid of Ronald McDonald House Alder Hey. Its an on site residence at the children’s hospital so parents can stay close to them when they are very poorly and in many cases critical.

Tony is still looking for rally members! Leaving 24th April 2015 and a guaranteed amazing time for a fantastic cause, it no longer has to be an 80s car – just 80s theme your team!


There are still some tickets left for the black tie dinner too on 9th May 2015 and are priced at 29.95 per head for a 3 course meal including entertainment. This will be held at Rochdale Golf Club and will also be the price giving for the rally. – You can also donate on Tony’s Just Giving page. Please show your support for a worthy cause! we will post again soon about the event and how the drivers fared on their travels.